Protect Your Building with Quality Metal Siding and Trim

Weatherproof Protection for Multiple Siding Needs

The harsh weather we see throughout the Central Pennsylvania region is a perfect reason to weatherproof and protect the various buildings on your property with quality metal siding from Freedom Metals. Whether you seek to protect your loved ones, business, workshop, animals, or other operations, our metal siding with Valspar Weather XL™ paint finish offers unsurpassed quality and endurance.

Popular Metal Siding – The Quality Choice that Works!

Metal siding from Freedom Metals comes in a variety of colors and finishes to suit whatever building or renovation project you have. You know the quality because it is made locally. Our quality metal siding comes in 36” interlocking panels. Also known as “Ag Panels,” these fit together seamlessly for speedy installation.

Unique Look and Curb Appeal with Metal Siding

Quality metal siding has been the material of choice for improvement work to a variety of buildings. Metal offers strong, durable, weatherproof coverage that does not have the wear issues associated with other materials. It can be applied over existing walls and with added insulation for increased energy efficiency. The use of metal siding panels can be incorporated with roofing panels from Freedom Metals to provide a structured and unique look with plenty of curb appeal.

Metal Siding in Central PA and Surrounding Areas

Metal siding from Freedom Metals is the material you need to protect your home or other structure. It stands up to the harsh weather than can damage buildings over time, especially the siding and trim areas that seal many window and door openings, rooflines, and other seams. When you apply metal siding materials with the appropriate trim accessories, you have the added assurance and might of metal as protection.

Trim – Part of the Quality Look for Your Location

Building protection and insulation that stands up to the weather. Highest-quality interlocking metal panels protect any structure. Freedom Metals trim is 10’ length, except corners and rakes, available in: 10’, 12’, 14’, and 16’. Consider the many trim profiles we have available.
Trim Profiles not to scale.

Ridge Cap

Hip Cap


Res. Rake

Roof Starter


Double Angle

J Channel

F & J

W Valley

End Wall

Side Wall



Snow Fence

Inside Corner

Wall Base

Overhead Door

Track Cover

Gambrel Transition